sábado, fevereiro 23, 2008

A crucial step to the future

(Foto: André Correia)

If we want to change the world, why don’t we start by changing our “home”? That’s what we thought, in Colégio Valsassina.
Our school in central Lisbon had new facilities since last summer. The new buildings were designed and built according to the principles of energy efficiency. Renewable sources of energy are now being used.
We are on the path of becoming a Low Carbon School, the first one in Portugal.
Trabalho apresentado no âmbito dos Jovens Repórteres para o Ambiente, por:
André Correia, 11º 1A;
Carlos Ruivo, 11º 1A;
Joana Magalhães da Silva, 11º 1A.

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Anónimo disse...

e parabéns pelo projecto que tem vindo a desenvolver na vossa "casa"! Sigam em frente! façam-nos orgulhosos!